Our full-service bike shop can handle all of your needs for road, mountain, or DH bikes. We stock the parts you need, or can easily place special orders to keep you riding!  We specialize in helping each cyclist find the perfect solution to every need! We always have the most current QBP books near the fireplace for our guests to peruse.BIKE SERVICE PDF

Bike Fitting
We have staff on hand to perform custom, professional bike fitting. Our bicycle fit specialist has successfully completed both levels at the Serotta International Cycling Institute  in Saratoga Springs, NY. Reservations required, please call to schedule an appointment.
For additional information on the Serrota Bike Fit program:

 Cycling & Running Insoles
 We also offer full custom insoles in the summer time for cycling, running, trail running, and hiking. A custom insole helps to always stabilize the foot, providing better energy transmission, increased feel and balance, longevity to foot strength, better blood flow, and a more comfortable fit. Come talk to us about our insole solutions from Conform-able.